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Crib Pak

Tired of using the unsanitary changing station in a public restroom to change your little one’s diaper?

Are you frustrated by the lack of storage space in your baby bag?

Do you get upset every time a bottle spills in your baby bag?

Introducing Crib Pak, it is your best option for storage and accessibility. Crib Pak is our diaper bag that solved all the shortcomings of the other diaper bags on the market.

You will be surprised to see how much baby gear (and mama gear!) the Crib Pak can hold! for busy moms?

This diaper bag is compact for easy carrying with fashionable gold-tone zippers and looks great with any outfit. Made with premium quality materials, Crib Pak has an easy access sweeping dispenser and washable pouch for soiled clothes. One of the most convenient features, is our USB charging port (battery not included) which gives moms the ability to charge their cell phones while on the go. With all of the great features that Crib Pak has to offer, it is also waterproof!

Crib Pak can transform into a crib and allows your baby to soak up the sun on the grass in the park on those family picnic days, liberating mom hands. The Crib Pak also has built in straps to hang on your stroller so you can be hands free.

Use as a backpack! You can free your hands and make it easier to maneuver for other task. Use as a carrying case, not just a mom bag, but a stylish carrying case that you can take shopping and traveling.

Waterproof Material

Easily wipes away any inconvenient spills and mishaps. Provided with soiled cloth compartment, waterproof lining.

Insulated Pockets

Deep insulated pockets to maintain bottle warmth over time. Super convenient while running errands and when a bottle warmer is unavailable.

Large Capacity

Diaper bag, mommy bag, maternity bag, shopping bag or a travel backpack.


Diaper bag, mommy bag, maternity bag, shopping bag or a travel backpack.